Florida investigators say two women behind 2013 killing of Canadian couple

Investigators say a DNA analysis has provided enough information to conclude that two women killed a Canadian couple in their South Florida condominium three years ago.

Hallandale Beach police investigators told local media on Thursday they’re “one lead away” from finding the people who killed 71-year-old David “Donny” Pichosky and his 66-year-old wife Rochelle Wise on Jan. 10, 2013.

Authorities also say they have a new composite sketch of one of the suspects.

Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy says two items that are “crime scene specific” were brought into the home by the killers. He declined to say what the items are, but said they were sent to a Virginia-based company for analysis. He says it provided them with good certainty about race, nationality, and gender of one of the killers.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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  1. Slavko Miladinovic says:

    Since Hallandale, now, has DNA docs from the scene and possible suspect video footage, which I’ve seen; she’s built. They can use biometrics to match the bone skeleton dimensions of the possible suspect in the video, as well as those that match the DNA traits’ biometrics ratio predominately belonging to the Balkan peninsula. The style of walking by the possible suspect in the video is a big giveaway; such as, her lat muscles giving her a certain characteristic walk.

    Police in 954 area code have used mobile eye-in-the-sky, scissor-rising, trailer units at shopping malls to keep an eye on people. Programming video surveillance software to search for possible biometrics matches, and a characteristic walk, could lead to further evidence. Obtaining the DNA from a video surveillance match in a shopping mall, parking lot or an intersection crosswalk is difficult, unless the suspect match discards a cigarette or candy wrapper that leaves behind DNA. Best is uncover handing out freebies; such as, popsicles, then waiting for the wooden stick to be discarded.

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